Welcome to my Krazy Life!

December 17, 2009

Welcome to the world of the Krazy Knitter! Here are some reasons I think I deserve a blog.

1) I knit (I crochet to but not very well in my opinion)

2) I have a computer, high speed internet access and if I have a problem making blog go (or anything computer related for that matter) I have my husband who unlike me is more tech fluent then I am (aka he speaks fluent tech I only know enough to get around)

3) I have the attention span of a goldfish I think that this is relivent in the fact that hopefully I will keep your attention with my short attention span…oh look something new!

4) I have a kid and cat and while they do not knit (at least my little one doesn’t knit yet evil plan to take over the world I will tell you more later) a survey of other blogs (yarnharlot *cough cough*) have revealed to me that this is possibly a prerequisite.


Hopefully you’ll be able to see it if not i think I will stab I mean.. *points at hubby* MAKE IT GO!!!

Added Later: well I wanted to show you but I think it might be in the media file…. *Stabs blog with a dpn*

Added even later: YAY I MADE THE BLOG GO ALL BY MYSELF!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! *Cries with joy*


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