Quick Post

December 19, 2009

So I realized when I finished the footwarmers that I can make a pair in about 6 hours and I am wondering if  (as far as footwarmers are concerned) if taking 6 hours to make them is a good thing? I do not consider myself a fast knitter (I bet the yarnharlot could make a pair in less time then me but then again she has been knitting for 35 years) Anyway I also wanted to announce that the picture you first saw when I welcomed you to the blog is my very first sock *gasp*

Yes I am making my very first pair of socks or at least attempting to. to update you this is what I have so far..

I am about to make the heel flap and I am *dare I say it* nervous… I think I might need to lay down now….feeling dizzy.


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