My new Obsession??

December 20, 2009

Well I think i am finally going to knit a Noro striped scarf. After seeing all the blog hype about this scarf… i finally decided that not only is the scarf very pretty and not only will it keep my attention but I SIMPLY MUST HAVE A SCARF LIKE THAT.


So here is the plans so far. I have the yarn all 4 balls of silk garden colorway 239 (Hey I could use different colorways but I do not have an lys here and unfortunately Michael’s and joann’s does NOT stock Noro.) So how did I get Noro yarn you ask.. Someone sent me a donation of yarn ( I teach kids to knit or crochet whichever they choose and unfortunately I am reduced to asking for donations every once in a great while) I just happened to look in the box when it arrived at my house and I saw *gasp* Noro yarn. Now normally I would let the kids have any yarn they wanted but I will admit that when I saw the Noro yarn…*looks down in shame* I snatched it. Is that wrong? Now all I have to do is find an inexpensive but good quality yarn maybe something like an acrylic/wool blend that is self striping so that  when the kids see my scarf and want to learn how to make it they can.

Now all I have to figure out is what size needles to use…

Added later: Well I thought it was my new obsession then I tried it out and it seemed on the thin side. i like my scarves kind of thick and warm..then I had a thought * which may or may not be a good thing*   I could just design my own scarf!! so here it goes

Noro Obsession Scarf


3-4 skeins of Noro silk gardern or a worsted self striping yarn

size 8 (5.0 mm) double pointed needles.


Cast on 38 sts

Divide sts on the needles in this manner

needle 1: 12 sts

needle 2: 12 sts

needle 3: 14 sts

Join together without twisting the sts

Do a 1×1 rib for as long as you want the scarf to be

Row 1:  *k1,p1 repeat from * around the needles

Continue the scarf until you run out of 1 ball of yarn and when you do add the new ball of yarn

Continue the 1×1 rib scarf until it is the length you want it to be

Bind off and weave in the ends

Wear and enjoy!

And now for the Legal jargon:

This pattern and all associated charts, graphs and photos are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not share, give away, sell or in any way distribute this pattern (in print or electronic format) without written permission of copyright holder. This pattern may be used for personal, non-profit purposes only. For other uses of this pattern including, but not limited to, sale of finished product or teaching and charity distribution, please contact the copyright holder at aylaashantie@gmail.com


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