Monk Blanket

December 21, 2009

This is a pattern that I got inspired to design after making 5 monk hats from the redthread blog pattern. I am now working on my 6th hat. Man these hats are…. well… addictive! Like Pistachio’s you can’t eat just one (please substitute another food you can’t eat just one of if you don’t like pistachio’s) Anyway here is the pattern

Monk Blanket

United States Size 11 (8mm) needles (circular and long enough to fit either 84 or 168 sts)
worsted weight yarn either 100 % wool or a blend like wool/merino in the color of your choice
tapestry needle

With 2 strands of yarn co 84 or 168 sts
do 16 rows (8 ridges) garter stitch
row 17: knit across
row 18: Knit 8 sts, purl until last 8 sts, knit 8 sts
repeat rows 17 and 18 until desired length
ending rows: do 16 rows (8 ridges) garter st.
Bind off (knit stitch bind off) and weave in the ends with your tapestry needle.

Now for the legal jargon:

This pattern and all associated charts, graphs and photos are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Please do not share, give away, sell or in any way distribute this pattern (in print or electronic format) without written permission of copyright holder. This pattern may be used for personal, non-profit purposes only. For other uses of this pattern including, but not limited to, sale of finished product or teaching and charity distribution, please contact the copyright holder at aylaashantie@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy the pattern and hopefully I will get a picture posted soon.


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