How I came to be

December 31, 2009

Many of you many be wondering how I got my start even wondering what knitting was and how I eventually started learning. Well unlike some people I didn’t have a family member who knitted (They all crocheted and because I am left handed the family members who tried to teach me got frustrated) Anyway it all started years ago when I was about 8…


Here I was watching at the time what was a new movie called Dragonworld. I remember it well there was a scene in the movie (maybe 2?) and there was this caretaker of a castle sitting by the fireplace knitting and talking to the owner of the castle. I sat in amazement as I watched the few scenes that showed her knitting. What she was knitting I never knew but I just had to find out what she was doing. I got up and found my mom draged her to the front room and rewound the video so she could see what I had been going on about.

Me: Mom what is the lady doing with the needles?

Mom: Knitting

I smiled and she went on her merry way doing whatever it was that I had taken her away from.

***Here is the clip to watch the movie sceen I had watched when I  was 8.

Then when I was 19 I was walking around in Michael’s craft store and had wanted to learn a new craft and saw:

The Red Heart Knitting Made Easy Kit

So I snatched the last copy that the store had, grabbed some yarn, paid for the items and went home to start learning how to knit. The book even with it’s special instructions for lefties wasn’t very clear to me but I NEVER gave up eventually I successfully learned how to knit!!


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