Pattern Designing

January 3, 2010

You know what I just realized…. thinking up ideas for patterns you want to design is easy. Putting that into action and actually designing them is a little bit …. well…..um. yeah.

Reasons I would not make a good designer:

1) Not good at math

2) Have ideas for patterns but I rarely put those ideas into even the beginning stages of designs

3) I have not gone to design school (I think if I did though it would give me an advantage)

HOWEVER despite these things I have decided to design my first ever sock! I am crazy I know, no I am gifted, no I am special no no not…dude I am a little insane sometimes… I must stop myself before I make my brain implode… so I was wondering if there were any takers on helping me design this sock. Of course both of our names would be on the pattern and we would probably want to test knit it and have lots of test knitters.. I am getting carried away again…anyway what do you think?  Should I vender down the path of designing a sock and in that case I might not be able to stop, I might get addicted or should I just let the ideas rot inside my brain forever. I doubt people even knit the stuff that I have on here already *Ahem*  I must not think that.. but honestly please let me know what you think before I die I mean um. wait in eager anticipation and it ends up that I am um.

all alone in the scary world of designing beating the what are now scary monsters back with a stick. As other monsters make their way behind me and breath their what is now horrible breath down my neck

:-s  Hello??? O_o

For those of you who do not know what the above symbols are the first one is looks around and the second one is a crazy face.


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