Knitting when in pain

January 7, 2010

Is it just me or does it feel like when you are on your womanly cycle that you want to kill things…And by killing things I mean taking your significant other out for paintball (or something similar) so that in the process of “trying to have fun” you also forget how krazy they are making you and how much pain you are in.

Well today I am in one of those moods however my significant other is at work and I think I might be going more Krazy then usual (Is that even possible?) Anyway I want to relax and not think so much about the pain that I am in…then I had the sudden realization.. that. I. knit!

Knitting is called the new yoga..It might just keep my mind off the pain..Here is my dilemma.. I need something easy to start (yes I said start as I do not have any projects on the needles except my scarf that I designed and I dont feel like working on it..its mocking me so as punishment I am not working on it) anyway I need something easy but not so easy that I loose interest in it (it has to keep me interested, which given is kind of hard to do given my short attention span sometimes especially when I am on my cycle) Anyway does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?

p.s. not to be rude but I noticed that I wrote recommendations or suggestions and though I realize that both of those words mean the same thing and that I should delete one of them… right  now I just don’t give a flying arse..



  1. This is just me, but I think most of the time people do knit with too loose a tension or to few stitches to the inch, in other words socks should be denser. If I am knitting my socks on a 2.5 mm needle I will go down to a 2.00 mm for the heel and toe. Another thought is to use the eye of the partridge for your toe as it is a denser. I looked at the cable sock pattern I would pick something else. The cable is really large and will not feel good inside a shoe. If you are just looking for slippers they would be fine. Also IMHO the needle size is too large for worsted weight socks. I will look through and see if I see a foot friendlier worsted weight sock for you. 🙂

  2. Thank you! You are very kind. I want to eventually design my own socks. I decided against knitting that particular pair becasue as you mentioned the cable and the needle size are like..whoa…Anyway thanks again for your help and I hope you have a great day!

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