A simple thing

January 15, 2010

Ok I was talking to one of my friends on Skype and we were talking about how she is going out with friends and how her knitting group is kind of possessive..*raises eyebrow*

Anyway all of a sudden she mentions that yesterday she was with the group and she taught them seed stitch. Now I can understand if you are a brand spanking new knitter and do not know what seed stitch is but from the sound of it this group she is with well the people are supposely “seasoned knitters”. So I ask you

Who in god’s name has not seen or even done seed stitch that is a “seasoned knitter”? I am probably going to get hate mail and flames so I will stop.

On a more um.. random and very happy note. The response to Haiti is simply amazing!! Fellow knitters I ask you to keep going where no knitter has gone berfore!!


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