Knitting A Hat and ??

January 20, 2010

Ok. I went over to the yarnharlot’s site and saw that she has posted a pattern for a hat. I decided to knit a hat for myslf. I am so excited I mean I dont normally knit for myself isnt that just sad? I mean what kind of knitter am I that I normally do not knit for myself?? Anyway I am very happy with the hat so far!

Unrelated to knitting I almost had a massive breakdown here is what Happened:

I realize that I had two blogs (on wordpress and one wasnt being used so I deleated it) but man what a “holding into the edge of your seat” that was, wordpress doesnt even tell you which blog you are deleating until they send you an email saying “that you requested to have this blog ____ deleated”, here is a tip read the link they send so you can deleate said blog VERY CAREFULLY I almost thought for a split second that I accidently deleated this one!

Imagine my insides turning and I am literally getting dizzy and almost panicing and freaking out saying things like “oh god i think I deleated THE BLOG! And knitters EVERYWHERE will send me flames and emails saying “why did you deleate the blog!! You ignoramous! Imagine my relief when I deleated the blog I wanted to.. PHEW! *whips sweat off of my forhead* I think I am going to calm down and knit on my hat.


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