My descriptive adventure

January 30, 2010

Ok in English class we are to describe a place (there can be people doing things) or profile a person and interview them. We can also chose whether we are an active partisipant or not. Why is this relivant you ask? Because I wrote about a recent adventure I had with yarn. Here is my essay.

As I stumble onto the sidewalk and head into the tan and white colored building there are a sea of people. Some wearing dark blue long sleeved shirts and tan or kaki colored pants some wearing causal clothes underneath their jackets and hats bundling up against the cold. As I approach, the doors automatically open sliding to the side to let me into the building. On my right there is a row of various items like things you forget, and realize you might need. As I walk in further the smell of freshly baked bread hits me I can smell the baking bead it smells of fresh grain drowned in honey.

I quickly hurry past the little store that is selling the  bread and head to the section I needed to go. As I look around I notice many bright colors, designs and pictures of people selling products that I didn’t need that day. I am distracted by all the bright colors and shiny objects. I shake my head and continue walking to the yarn section. As I turn the corner to go down the isle I notice there are many short cake looking balls, there are even cones, and long center pull tubes of yarn called skeins. They have various colors like light blue, purple, grey, black and many multi colored yarns some look like fire because the colors swirl around each other in various directions. Every color you could imagine, and a billion more.

I finally turn my attention to the sea of people along both ends, all the people huddled together like that, look like a pack of hyenas fighting over a piece of meat. As I fight my way through the groups of people. I take a good look at the people who I am “wrestling” against to get where I need to go. One person in particular had a cream colored long sleeve shirt on, and was wearing a red bandana. She had a bright peach colored face and blue eyes, her hair was long and wavy and the color of the sun. As I brushed past her the scent of her shampoo was temporarily tattooed in my nostrils. The strong but sweet scent of strawberry.

Another person had a dark chocolate colored face, dark amber colored eyes she was wearing a dark blue short sleeved shirt and kaki pants. It looked like she worked there because she had a thin smile on her face, almost as if she wanted to go home rather then be at work and a red, blue and white name tag.  I finally get to an area clear of people, I turn and face the beige aluminum colored shelf in awe of the various colors and textures, some look like they are rough and others so fragile if you touch them they could break, like a flower in the harsh wind. My eyes land on a light brown and cream color, I stretch my hand out and touch the rough, dry texture and snatch my hand back as if I had been almost bitten by an animal.

This was NOT then item I was looking for. I wanted something that felt inviting, almost as if you were touching a fluffy cloud, or falling into a  soft lake of velvet. I turn my head to my right and see a dark red crimson looking color, along with other colors like a light sky looking blue, a dark denim colored blue, a dark grass colored green and a light pastel purple.

I slowly and cautiously stretch my hand out towards the red crimson looking color. I bite my lip as I have an internal confrontation with myself. I ask myself questions like “ What if I am disappointed again” and “What if I do not like this color but this is what I want”. I withdraw my hand and I get a sinking feeling in my stomach that gnaws at me, I shake my head once again and then I make my decision. I decide to not pay anymore attention to my thoughts and the annoying sinking feeling that still lingers in my stomach.

Before I can change my mind I quickly dart my hand out. As I touch the cuddly, fluffy as a cloud and soft as velvet texture a bright smile appears on my face and my eyes seem to become bright and full of life. Not only is this the item I was looking for but as I move closer I notice that I even like the crimson red.

I keep my hand and eyes on the item. I am suddenly distracted by another women walking up to my left and looking at the same color item I have my hot little hands on. I look at her. She is an older lady, her skin the color of a morning mocha, and the texture of crumpled up paper, her eyes are a dark chocolate brown. She smiles at me and I smile brightly at her. I notice that she is wearing a long sleeved black shirt, and a dark blue and purple skirt. I then turn my attention back to the crimson colored item again. My heart falls as I notice that there is only one left in the entire shelf.

As I turn to ask the lady a question I notice she has noticed the rougher, dryer or were they more course then dry items that are to my left. I whip my hand across my forehead in relief as I finally clutch the cuddly, soft, and velvet like item and draw it out of the shelf that is holding it captive. I hug it close to me and bring it to my snow white and pink colored face, it feels even more soft and velvety now that it is against the skin of my face.

I bring it down off of my face and look at the label the only thing I am concerned with is how much is in this little package. I notice the label says six ounces. I look at the shelf for the price and notice that it says three dollars. My heart falls again as I reach into my pocket and count the change I have. To my utter amazement and surprise I have five dollars! This is just enough to buy it. I quickly blaze my way through the sea of people not paying attention to anything or anyone else. I reach the counter and the cashier smiles at me “Did you find everything you were looking for?” I slowly nod my head in response to her question she then asks “Is this all for you?” I smile brightly at her “Yes.” I said, She then runs my item through and I pay for it.  Afterwards I hastily grab the bag she has placed it in and head out the door, into the now deserted parking lot and to my car to bring my treasure home.

Hope you enjoy!


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