Progress and meditation

February 23, 2010

Ok my progress on my knitting olympic project goes slow.. I still have the heel flap and toe for one sock and a whole other sock to do in what…five days? Luckily the sock is in worsted weight so it should hopefully go fast. Ok now that the update is out of the way some of you might be asking how does meditation fit into a blog about knitting? Well I shall tell you.

I am in the process of making a portable or folding meditation bench and while the bench is made out of wood and not knitted the reason it fits with this particular knitting blog is because of the idea I have. When you purchase a meditation bench sometimes a carry bag is included and sometimes you have to pay extra for one. Well I was sitting in the car on the way home from getting the wood I wanted, when I had the realization that I might want a bag for it, and instead of buying one I could just. Knit. One.

Now the idea is in my head and I will start designing the pattern, after I am done with my knitting olympic socks. I wonder if I should post this for sale on ravelry after it has been test knitted. What do you think? Is there even knitters out there that knit and meditate that would be interested in a knitted meditation bench bag??



  1. I do not meditate – and heaven knows I probably should – bu tI think this is a clever idea.

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