Olympic Games

March 1, 2010

This was the first Olympic games I have ever partisipated in.  The games both knitting and non knitting were fantasic! Everyone knitter and non knitter, whether they won a medal or not: partiscipated and did very. No.. exceptionally well!!

I am here to report that even though I challanged myself I did not complete my challange. I still have the toe to go on a sock. However whther or not I finished was not the point of the olympics (both knitting and non knitting) the point I believe was to challenge yourself and, to quote the old army slogon: Be all that you can be. But here is the medal to show that I at least partiscipated.

Isn’t it lovely!! I want to say thank you to the yarnharlot for allowing me to partiscipate in the knitting olympics. And now I am off to knit a blanket and start the design for the meditation bag.


One comment

  1. Way to go! You challenged yourself and that is what matters. You learned new things. And you have the medal to show for it. Great job!

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