May 3, 2010

Ok so people may ask what does time have to do with a knitting blog? I would reply ALLOT! This week is my last week of this semester of college leaving me not only with more time but I have to start getting my business started. This month also marks not only mother’s day and My. Birthday.

Enough said. Here is a list of projects I need to get done this year. I am posting this in the hopes someone will keep poking and proding me until they are all done.

1) Blankets (4 to be exact)

2) Shawl

3) Scarf for hubby

Let’s see if there anything else…Nope! Maybe this year I can start Christmas Knitting early. *feels dizzy just thinking about it* I am going to go lay down now. Just in case I forget (or forgot) Happy May 1st and Cinco De Mayo.


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