Slowly making progress…Simple is better?

May 11, 2010

Ok so I decided to change patterns instead of doing mmario’s shawl I decided I would try the snowdrop shawl from the yarn harlot. I am slowly making progress on that.. well I am using crochet thread # 10 if I must be specific and let me tell you knitting with thin thread strains the eyes.

I have decided today that even though it is warmer outside (we sill get wind gusts and chili weather) so I am going to and fro from my shawl to the big blanket of doom (depending on the weather). While deciding if I would work on my shawl or the blanket today, it occured to me after hours of eye straining and cuntched over knitting that sometimes simple garter stitch is easier not only on your eyes (but other areas of the body as well.)


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