Birthday Blues

May 14, 2010

So today is my birthday. I turn 25 today and normally I would be all happy (actually inside I am) but how can I be happy when 1) My daughter has a cold and 2) my husband completely ignores the fact that it is in fact my birthday and I should have the birthday privilage of sleeping in (or whatever the casue may be). That aside I think I am going to make waffles from scratch (Waffles from scratch are awesome!!! I might give you all the recipe I use how does that sound?) and after I eat said waffle and save the rest, I plan to sit down in my own little corner, in my own little chair and knit. And just to peerk things up I will post pictures of waffles and yarn!)

Has anyone ever heard of the yarn bus?? Don’t believe me that there is an actual yarn bus check this out!

And look at that complete with knitting needles!!!!! I am off to make waffles now ( or as my daughter calls them “pizza”)


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