A new use for Altoid tins

June 12, 2010

Why suffer the loss of yarn needles, a small stitch gauge, point protectors and other various small knitting notions. At least a week ago and all through out my “life as a knitter” , it would seem like I would go through yarn needles like candy (always either misplacing or losing them). Then one day like a bolt of lightening an idea hit me. I had recently finished a tin of Altoid peppermints, cleaned off the dust, and removed the wrapper. Then I went over to my round pencil bag I use to stash all of my knitting notions, went through and removed the small things, and placed them in the clean Altoids tin.

Voi lá!

It worked like magic and now I will (hopefully) be able to put them away in their proper tin, but also I will always know where they are! Here is a picture:


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