Won’t this scarf ever get longer?

June 23, 2010

OK on the Irish Hiking scarf for my husband I have approximately 3 feet left to go. I have even created an Irish Hiking Scarf KAL (Knit A Long) and even with the support and encouragement to keep going, it seems that I still have 3 feet! What is this? Am I in the knitting black hole, I must be for I knit for what seems like hours and then measure and guess what. I. still. have. 3. feet. left. to. go.

Does anyone know anyway of coming out of the knitting black hole. What I mean is how do you help yourself come out of this. Allot of people suggest that I keep knitting and I do, but the scarf it seems doesn’t want to grow the 3 feet that I need. It is now in a zip loc bag staring, glaring, growing fangs, and in a temporary time out until I feel it has learned its lesson (Which according to the yarnharlot is a 4 year time out, hopefully the scarf’s timeout won’t be that long.)


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