Pharmacy knitting

July 6, 2010

I went to the Dentist today. I knit while I waited to be called on. The reason for me even considering going to the Dentist is because, long story very short I had been in pain for 8 days and while at the dentist’s office I had discovered that I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Afterwards I went to the Pharmacy and while waiting for my medication to be filled; I knitted and noticed that I needed to wind the hank of yarn I had with me, so that I could continue knitting. There was no one I knew standing around to help with said “winding” so I unwrapped the hank, wrapped it around the back of a chair and started winding.

An elderly woman noticed what I was doing and in a slow sweet voice she says ” I have never seen a yarn needing to be wrapped up in a ball like that.” I stopped, looked up and slighly smiled (I would have given her a full smile but lets face it my mouth was pissed at me) and said in a gentle voice ” With hanks you have to wind them into a ball or they will get all sorts of unrulely on you.” She just sat there smiling and watched me wind the hank into a ball until my name was called.

Now you may ask ” Why did that make your day?” My response will be “Because the old addage that says that you can never teach an old dog new tricks is milarky. You learn new things everyday, even as you get older.”


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