Reversible Cable Mug Cozy

July 7, 2010

I typically do not knit for inadament objects. I am like the yarnharlot in the fact that if I knit something, the person receiving said knit had better be able to convey their thanks. I was looking on Ravelry for Mug Cozies. Why may you ask was I on Ravelry looking at mug cozy patterns? Well just think about it, it makes sense when you go and grab a mug that if the liquid inside is hot, you might burn your hands. So in essence you are knitting the Cozy for the person (so that they do not burn their hands) not necessarily for the mug. Anyway I was looking at all the patterns and didn’t see anything I liked. So I decided to design one. It is being test knit right now and I can’t wait to see if the test knitters like their cozy!

After it has been test knitted and all the corrections found I shall post the pdf for free! In the meantime here is a picture. Sorry the photo is fuzzy I was using the camera on my phone because at the time it was the only camera I had available.


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