I can’t knit for a while

September 4, 2010

So it turns out yesterday that I helped my mom move a king size matress upstairs. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the people helping me (as my mom was watching my little one) ended up having to fold this king size matress so it would clear this very short ceiling type of thing. In the process of moving the matress (which now I will refer to as “it”) “it” kept getting stuck on the stairs and wall. I would reach my tiny hands around and push with all my weight and “it” would eventually get unstuck, but “we” had to take “it” up the stairs a step at a time. Which by the way is very annoying and not to mention time consuming. Anyway “it” finally made it upstairs and into the intended room, however afterwards I looked down at my hands and noticed that I have 2 scraps on both middle fingers.

I went home and cleaned the wounds, put honey on them, and put bandaid’s over them. Why the honey you ask? Well it is antibacterial and has been used on minor wounds for thousands of years. Anyway even with the bandaid’s on, I tried knitting this morning and call me a baby but it hurts. So knitting is sadly postponed until my scraps heal (or at least become scabbed) So my question to you is what should I do in the meantime? I know if I do not have some sort of stress reduction craft that I will go insane, so what do you guys do in times like this?


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