Still working

September 25, 2010

Ok I will admit that I have not been following the rules of the sock club. Here it is: Almost the end of September and I still have not finished the broadripple sock! I know there are no knitting police or anything but I made these rules in order to keep me “on track” with my knitting and here I am. Not. following. the. rules. *Sigh* I must knit likw a mad woman in order to finish on time. But here is the thing: I am a full time mom and student, and even though I know it is an excuse at least it is a good one right? Maybe I will “edit” the time limit rule of the sock club..

I am still thinking about that one. What do you think? Should I edit the time limit rule for the sock club? In the meantime, I am listening to music and going to take a break from homework. Guess what I will be doing for my break?

(Wait a few seconds)

If you guessed knitting you are right! If you really want to know what music I am listening to at the moment here it is:

I hope you like it! I know I do, even if I do not understand what is being said, the importnant thing is that the music is calming to me. That is what I need right now.. Calm.


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