It feels like Monday.. but its Tuesday

October 19, 2010

Here I am, sitting by the computer happily looking at knitting patterns for a blanket, when I realise its not Monday, its Tuesday! Typically I reserve Monday for bigger projects (like sweaters and blankets) and Tuesday for smaller ones (like socks, and hats ect). Gee, I feel so out of it. Oh well, it feels like monday so I will choose a pattern and start to work on the blanket.

So you may be asking yourself are you knitting squares for the lands’ end feel good campaign? Honestly, no. I promised my sister in law a blanket 2 years ago and I haven’t even started. I am bad, I know. The good news is: at least I did a square (for the campaign). And even though it is just a square, at least it is a start. Maybe tomorrow I will knit more squares.


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