Lovely advice and donation

October 25, 2010

~Flashback to last thursday~

So I posted my conundrum on Ravelry saying that my socks (made with acrylic yarn) were the devil.

I got many replies, but one person in particular had suggested magic loop for making socks. She sent me a personal message on ravelry suggesting that it wasn’t me, but the yarn! I had never thought of that. Back on the forum I went, where the lady (who suggested that the yarn was the problem) had sent a reply saying  that she was a sock *ahem hoar ahem* and that  if I needed to send my sock yarn to a more loving home, to send them her way.

I replied telling her that in actuality all I have is acrylic yarn, and (jokingly) I told her to donate some to me. She read my post and sent another personal message saying that she was going to donate some sock yarn to me.

~End of Flashback

And today the box arrived! Here is a picture:

Minus 2 snickers, because I ate them 😀

Thank you so much for the donation! *you know who you are*

I cannot thank you enough not only for the donation, but most importantly for the advice you gave me!!!


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