November 17, 2010

I found out this morning (while I was checking my email) that the wheel I am purchasing has a laqured finish, is a double drive, is a single treadle, ashford traditional. It comes with 6 bobbins, a lazy kate, and hand carders.  The seller is throwing in (at no additoonal charge) alpaca fiber and the ashford book of spinning!

I am so excited!!

Now that getting the wheel plans, are pretty much set in stone. My husband all of a sudden wants his socks and sweater I promised him for christmas, made out of hand spun yarn!

Darling husband, I love you. If you want your sweater and socks made out of handspun, I will gladly do so. Just keep in mind that: It will take a longer time period. Yarn (especially hand spun yarn) does not grow on trees. I cannot make it magically appear out of thin air either. That being said please note that you will not get your sweater and socks by christmas.


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