Knit, Knit like the wind!

April 20, 2011

No this is not an episode of Cast On. Even though I love that podcast. I will tell you why the post is aptly named as such.

It all started last Thursday. I had just finished the first sock for my international partner. I had cast on for the second one when, to my utter horror and shock; I realized that I had approximately 2 weeks to get the other sock done!

Since then I have been knitting on the sock as much as I can. And I am proud to say that today, I just finished the heel flap. Now all I have to do is the heel turn, gusset, foot and toe. Oh! Did I mention that I have to have them done (and shipped out to my partner) by next Saturday?! Wish me luck!!

So, What have you been up to?


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