I have been inspired

May 29, 2011

I have been inspired by a candy. You read that right. A candy has inspired me to create a sock design. My first ever. The name of the candy is lemon drops and I want to have the sock in a way represent the sweet yet tart taste of the candy itself. My only problem is finding stitch patterns that represent this. I was thinking of doing a cable/lace sock design, but I am not sure yet. If you would like to help me here is a picture of the candy, please leave a comment about what type of stitches come to your mind when you look at this picture. Thanks.:)

and here is a close up.



  1. hi i think using a tweedy yarn would work well with this design, something yellow of course with little flecks of white in it. since i really do not know the different names in yarn i can’t really recommend any particular one, but i can see some very pretty lemon yellow socks with little flecks through out

    as far as the knitting design i think something simple would look best with maybe doing a ribbed cuff with alternating between knit and purl(i really am a beginner knitter so again do not know any particular pattern to use) but thats my thought, i truly envy you being able to make socks i can do al but the heel and working on that is my priority for this year. thanks for letting me comment hugs vicki/ladytbird on ravelry

    • Those are good ideas! I will definitely look into those aspects. I was thinking of doing a simple sock pattern to start out with anyway. 😀
      If you can knit and purl you can make a pair of socks. Please let me know if you need any help. I am glad you like the blog 🙂

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