I should have listened to the yarn and teaching

June 4, 2011

Yesterday, after posting the last post about the barenackedlacy socks. Things were going smoothly, so smoothly in fact that I have a good 2 and a half inches of the leg done. Then, disaster fell. For I had dropped a stitch, and to my utter shock and horror; I could not find it.

I should have listened right then and there that this yarn didn’t want to become that pair of socks, after I had dropped that stitch; but I didn’t. I kept trying for what seemed like hours, trying to find it and continue the sock. After hours (it seemed), I finally gave up and casted on for the broadripple socks. A pair of socks I knew I could knit. Because I had knit them before.

After that, a few hours later a friend of ours (along with her husband) came to have dinner with us. Before dinner started, she noticed my swap partner socks and completely admired them. I made the mistake of telling her I would make her some. After looking at just a few of the sock books I have; she had found a couple pair she liked (a lot). Minutes later, she confessed that she had always wanted to learn to knit but didn’t think she could do it.

I immediately went to fetch some yarn and needles and taught her to cast on, and the knit stitch. All the while, she is excitedly exclaiming “I am knitting, I can’t believe I am knitting!” I gave her some yarn and told her to pick up some size 5 mm needles (because unfortunately I had run out of needles, and I typically give my students some yarn and a pair of needles.) She was so excited that she had learned to knit, that she hugged me.

Thus a new knitter was born. Please welcome my friend to the knitting world with open arms. I am so glad that she (now) has a hobby that she likes (or maybe even loves) to do.

P.S. Please forgive any spelling or grammar errors in this post. I will come back later and fix them, but right now, I need my caffeine.



  1. Glad that I found your blog! A big hello and welcome to your friend – a new knitter. I’m sorry that you dropped your stitch and couldn’t find it. It’s easy to find a dropped stitch if someone can show you in person. Have fun with your knitting. Judy

    • Thanks for the comment, I must find someone that can show me how to find a stitch (when knitting lace). I do hope you enjoy the blog and that you keep reading!

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