The Unexpected Trip

June 6, 2011

Yesterday, when I woke up I had no intention of going anywhere. I had wanted to spend the day working on the socks for my international sock partner. As some of you have probably already guessed, that didn’t happen.

Instead, a very dear friend of mine had txted me, letting me know that there was a local fiber festival here in town. I didn’t even know we had a fiber festival (in the somewhat smallish town that I live in) but, apparently we (the town in general) does. I was so excited that she has told me about this (and had invited me) that I squeed and jumped for joy!

About an hour later, we were on our way! We both had smiles on our faces as we chit chatted about various things like fiber, music, and how our family was doing ect. After about 15 or so minutes of driving we had finally arrived, parked the car and paid the admission fee. We looked around at the various rovings and yarn for sale. Some of the roving and yarn was natural colors like white, black, gray, and tan. Others were brightly colored looking like a sunset (with bright orange, purple, red and pink) or an ocean (with light blue and turquoise or aquamarine).

We stopped at this one booth, where I spend some time chatting with a fellow spinner, gaining some tips a long the way and feeling the luxurious fiber of alpaca and shetland mix, and alpaca, llama, and soy silk combination; just to name a few. We spend quite a bit of time there looking at all the other booths and animals (like alpaca and sheep) and what they had to offer. Amazingly, we didn’t buy anything spinning or knitting related (because the prices where a bit out of our price range). However, before we left I noticed a booth that was selling homemade Jam.

Now I absolutely love homemade things (and that includes homemade jams and jellies). When I approached this booth, I noticed she had the usual jams (like cherry, strawberry, blueberry, peach ect) But what caught me by surprise was plum jelly. I have not had any in years! I simply had to have some, so I reached into my wallet, and payed for a jar of plum jelly.

After I had paid for my jelly, we left and spent almost the entire day together. I had so much fun, and I hope to do this again next year! Have you done anything unexpected or adventurous lately?


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