Man, time sure does fly and christmas knitting list

June 13, 2011

It seems like it was yesterday that I was updating you on the sock, well I am proud to say that I am almost finished with the foot. I only have 2 more inches of the foot and then I knit the toe. It is so amazing how time flies. Especially when you bring your knitting with you everywhere you go. If things keep going the way they are, I will probably be done with the socks in July. Which is way ahead of schedule! I hope I can make that deadline.

After that I really should just make a list of all the knitting I need to do. By that time the christmas fumes (well more like knitting) should hopefully get started.I will not fall victim to last minute christmas knitting, at least I hope not….
Here is a list of items I need to knit (for christmas)

* A hat for the mother in law
* socks (for hubby)
* socks for sister
* socks for a friend

and I think that is it… hopefully. Have you made your christmas knitting list yet?


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