Baseball and knitting

June 19, 2011

So, it all started by my mother in law inviting My husband, my daughter and I to a baseball game. At first I was excited because I thought that I could get some knitting accomplished while I watched the baseball game at the Stadium.

Apparently I was wrong, not only could I not knit in the stadium; but knitting needles were not allowed under no circumstances (just ask how I know). So my question is: How does stitch n’ pitch accomplish the sweet package of knitting and being able to watch a baseball game in the stadium. Inquiring minds want to know. That aside I have been extremely busy with College and haven’t even had the time to cast on for the second sock for my international sock partner. I do not have SSS, I have just been extremely busy. I will hopefully start the sock tonight.



  1. That is so weird!

    I have knit in so many baseball stadiums I can’t even remember them all. I have never had that issue.

    What did they say to you?

    • I called the Stadium and asked if knitting was allowed and they told me no. I was sad when I found that out.

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