Just for giggles last night

July 7, 2011

Just for giggles I started a plain jane vanilla sock for my hubby. Why? Because I can! Actually, in all honesty it is to keep me sane and not go crazy…I end up starting multiple projects, however (over time) I do end up finishing them. Is anyone else like this? I have figured that I can’t knit on just one project at a time. I always have to have more then one project going. That is just how I am.

I can’t just knit on one project at a time (although I do know knitters and crocheters like that). If I knit on just one project at a time, I get bored easily and un-interested in the project. Then it takes even longer to get done. This might just be my opinion though.

Another thing I did just for giggles, was to time how long it took me to knit 64 stitches. And according to my stopwatch it took me 3.22 minutes. However, I feel this number is inaccurate for while the timer was going my phone (which has the timer on it) dropped to the floor, and I had to stop and pick it up and resume knitting. All in all I’d say that I did pretty well. This makes me wonder if anyone has ever timed how fast the Yarnharlot can knit. Maybe that is one of those things the world will never know.


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