Man, I have been busy

July 15, 2011

Man, I have been busy this week. First off, I started my summer class, then unbeknownst to me (but knownst by everyone else) I had to babysit and may still have to. Then I had friends and family over and the house is in utter shambles. If any of my knitter friends were to come over I wouldn’t let them in, for I would be ashamed of the state my house is in.

Aside from that, I somehow managed to find time to knit and I am proud to say that the socks are done (I will hopefully take a picture of them later on.) and I have picked up the Dublin Bay socks again. Later on today, I am for the first time in a long time, going to the theater with my lovely husband. And while I want to enjoy the movie with him, in the back of my mind I keep wanting to sneak my knitting in with me. If you think about it, a movie is the perfect opportunity to get some much needed knitting accomplished.

What will probably end up happening is I will tidy up the house and then put something in like red dwarf (or Are you being served, monty python, black books, IT CROWD… the list of my british comedies is ever growing) and knit to an episode or two. Hey, that sounds like a good idea. I will get right on that! As soon as I can pry my husband’s head off of my legs. Don’t ask, all I will say is that my lovely hubby didn’t sleep well last night and likes to keep me close by, I am assuming it is a comfort thing. *looks down*

Shh!! He’s sleeping! *clicking of needles going on in the background.*


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