Knitting keeps me sane

July 27, 2011

This morning was chaos. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 7 in the morning. Normally I am a night time type of girl but I am going to school. But today I had an appointment with my therapist and my husband was scheduled to work at the same time, which meant that my mother in law would not only have to watch my daughter; but she would also have to give me a ride. I looked at the clock and noticed that she was coming in an hour and a half!

I sprang out of bed, got dressed, brushed my hair, and teeth and set about getting my daughter ready. I got ready in record time (10 minutes). But as all parents know children can take longer, if they decide to. This was one of those days. I barely managed to get her shoes on her, and then my ride came. We rushed out the door and rushed off to my appointment.

While waiting for my appointment this morning, I noticed that I had a whole 5 minutes before my appointment started. “Oh I will just go ahead and knit” I thought to myself and then my stomach sank and my heart fell. I forgot my knitting.

I sat there for the whole 5 minutes trying to entertain myself. In reality it was more like 8 minutes, but still! 8 minutes hurriedly looking around at chairs, magazines, books, and the floor. In the meanwhile my fingers were itching to do something. I think I looked insane! For people sitting next to me would look over at my face, see my expression, and then change seats as fast as they could (or move away from me if I was standing).

Imagine my relief, when my name was called! I was so relieved (but at the same time I was upset at myself for forgetting my knitting). Lesson learned. I will have knitting backups. I will stuff them in my pocket if I have to (which I really don’t want to do, but I will.)


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