It actually happened

August 8, 2011

I went on a 3 day trip and thought I had packed enough yarn to finish the Dublin bay Socks. I come to learn Saturday night that I didn’t have enough yarn, i had run out when I was almost done with the toe! So what did I do? I put my unfinished sock on stitch holders. Here is a picture:

And searched around and lucky for me my Irish luck was working, because I found a ball of yarn called rock candy by lionbrand and started to learn how to knit 2 socks at the same time. So far I am pretty pleased with this technique except for a few complaints.

1) My cord may not be long enough. I have a 40 inch needle, but I think I might need a longer one.

2) I have to pull the cord to make sure I have enough cord to knit the section I am currently on. See #1

3) Sometimes I get confused as to which sock I am working on

4) The yarns get tangled, even with the yarn balls in separate ziploc bags.

Here is a picture of my 2 at a time socks, in progress. The pattern is my plain jane vanilla sock pattern.


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