Irish Cottage Knitting

August 21, 2011

Is also known as lever knitting, and that is the wonderful technique I am learning; as my speed knitting adventure. I love this technique! Within a few short days I am not only knitting faster (and hopefully will get even faster) but the stitches look even and well, like stitches are supposed to look like.

I will say that purling stitches still takes some time, that and I had to get used to holding my needle like a pencil, putting my thumb under the piece when it got too big, and tensioning my yarn a different way.

Like the yarnharlot said “All it takes is getting used to micro movements.”

And that is my update for now on my speed knitting adventure. In the next post I plan to add a picture of a sock (yes a sock) that I am knitting using the Irish Cottage Knitting (aka lever knitting) method.

I love this technique!!!!!!!!


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