The blue socks a continuation of the speed knitting adventure

August 24, 2011

Man am I glad I had my knitting with me. I had an appointment today and completely forgot that my hubby had a job interview after my appointment. Which meant he couldn’t pick me up until he was done. Which was fine with me. What did I do until then you ask? I took out my knitting and was quite entertained for the hour he was gone, until he came to get me. Hence, this is why the blue plain jane vanilla socks are done. Now I am going to cast on Columnar socks. Yes I have a sock addiction and no I do not think I will get over it. What can I say? I love hand knitted socks!

Here are some reasons why I love them

* They are custom made and fit perfectly
* They are portable (as are hats and mittens, but I love socks the best)
* They come in all sorts of patterns (lace, cable, plain jane, rib) the possibilities are endless.

Here is a picture of the finished socks (yes I used the Irish Cottage Knitting Method (aka lever knitting). I can’t believe how quickly I got these socks done:

And here is a picture of the yarn I will be using for the Columnar Socks:

The sock yarn is Patons Kroy Sock FX and unfortunately the color is unknown. The ball band didn’t list the color. What do you have on the needles?


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