I tried

August 28, 2011

I tried to knit the columnar socks, I really did. I did the cuff and started looking at the design of the leg. Then I made the mistake and glanced at the pattern, that I am trying to design. That got my mind reeling with questions.

Questions like:

Will the pattern stitch I have written down even work with the number of stitches?

Will the socks (and the stitch pattern) stretch to fit and hug my leg?

What will the stitch pattern look like and will I like it?

All of the questions were burning to be answered. So I picked up my needles and started knitting. Here are the answers

The stitch pattern I have written down does work, but I tried something a little different at first, decided I didn’t like it. Ripped out the leg stitches and tried what I had originally written down.

The sock (and stitch pattern) do in fact stretch to fit and hug my leg. However, I believe this sock will only be available in one size.

What does the stitch pattern look like, well here is a sneak peek:

Granted you probably can’t see what is going on with the leg, but I will post a better picture later. When I get more of the leg done. This is just what I have so far.

And do I like the stitch pattern? Why yes, Yes I do.

Now all I have to do is think of a name. I was thinking Irish Lace, but I am not sure on that one. Any suggestions?


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