I don’t know about you and an unexpected trip

September 3, 2011

I don’t know about you, and I really hate to say this. I am getting a tad tired of knitting socks. *gasp* I know, I know it was a real shocker when I discovered this last night. I am probably tired of them because I knit them all the time it seems like. Which, isn’t entirely the truth. I do knit other things. For example I am working on the stonington shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann. But I never posted about it because I just started it and its still in the beginning stages. I just can’t decide if I want it to be purple and the stitches looking uneven, because the yarn isn’t consistent. It looks like it is, it honestly does, but it fools you. Or if I just want to save up and buy this.

I will more then likely save up and buy the un-spun icelandic. Now all I have to do is decide on a color, because if I do this; I am going to make it an adult blanket. Which means buying a bundle, just to make sure I have enough. Yes, this is why my blog is called the krazy knitter, because I am…just a tad, krazy.

On the off hand, I am taking an unexpected trip to visit my mum and celebrate her birthday. Bottom line is she called, and wanted to spend time with her girls on her birthday. Understandable but totally unexpected because we really can’t afford this trip, but she (is being very generous) and helping out with gas money. Anyway, I have plenty of sock yarn packed (which may or may not become socks) and a sock in progress (yes, the one I am designing). So things are looking up. Hope things are well, and if I do not post by Tuesday (September 6th) send a search party, my mom may have held me captive.


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