I finally found time to knit and…

September 19, 2011

I finally found time to knit, I actually started a new project for a wee babe. I will give you a clue the pattern is all garter stitch and was made by Elizabeth Zimmerman in 1968. Can you guess what it is?

If you answered the Baby Surprise Jacket you are correct! How are an I you ask? well, I am past the increases and well on my way, to coming close to 90 stitches.

And is this lovely jacket for anyone? Well yes, yes it is. A friend of mine knows a church lady who is expecting. I asked if I could knit the wee one something. For I feel the wee one should at least have one knitted garment (among the many store bought items). This however is just my opinion. Did I mention this is my first ever Baby surprise jacket? Yup! You read right 🙂

Wish me luck as I finish up this lovely sweater!


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