October 27, 2011

Someday, I will knit (as much as I want and when I want to) but apparently the month of October has it out for me. Because, ever since the Beginning of October; I have been SUPER OOBER busy. Hopefully next month (which is November) will calm down some. In the meantime, I have somehow not packed my class/outing/grocery knitting. Haven’t even thought about it, in all honesty. Which could be a bad thing, but I am not in a rush; unless you count Christmas knitting which I want to start on, eventually. Which reminds me, I still have to locate a sweater pattern for a sweater for my hubby.

I might just have to tie him to a chair and have him look at sweater patterns with me. Mwahahahaha!!! It will be a somewhat kind of knitterly torture, I mean um… looking at knitting sweater patterns time; yeah that is it. So what have all you (my lovely readers) been up to?



  1. I have been working on hats, socks, scarves, and cowls for the Elders Campaign Drive for Pine Ridge Reservation. I also have a pair of socks i am trying to finish up for boyfriend’s birthday (Nov 5th).

    • That is so awesome! At least you are getting some knitting time in. 🙂 Keep knitting on those hats, scarves, socks and cowls. I bet the elders love receiving them!!

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