For those cold or somewhat cold nights

November 29, 2011

I am happy to say I am at home and somewhat warm. What do I mean by somewhat warm? Well I will tell you. When I was younger I used to live in a rock house, and even though it was warm in the house, by my definition it was somewhat warm. Because, even with the house nice and warm it is so cold that you could literally feel the cold air from outside; entering the house and making it not as warm as it should be. That is how it is in the apartment right now, it is somewhat warm. And yes even though I could turn on the heater, I choose not to for fear that my hubby will grow fangs because of the 75 plus warmth in the apartment. So, what do I do in these situations? I cook. And what do I cook?

An old family recipe of Irish Potato Soup.

And for those of you who want to try this recipe out, I have decided to post it here.

Potato Soup

Mind you the toppings we use are not vegan or vegetarian, but to each his/her own. Top with whatever you think will go with this soup. Also note that this version does not have onion (or leek, green onion ect) some recipes have it. Our family recipe doesn’t, I am allergic.


9 medium potatoes
1 stick of butter (melted)
Toppings: sour cream, grated cheese, bacon bits or cooked bacon (in pieces), and salt and pepper

Peel potatoes
Cut potatoe(s) in half, take a half section and cut it in half again, then cut down the potato sections.

*Cut each potato in this manner

Add cut potatoes to pot
Put water in pot, enough to cover all of the potatoes.
Put pot of water and potatoes on High heat until boiling then lower heat to medium. Stay with pot, you do not want the potatoes and water to boil over!!
Let potatoes cook until tender (or until you can take a fork and pierce all the way through some potato pieces)
Once potatoes are tender, drain water off (either by using a strainer or just draining the water with the potatoes remaining in the pot).
Put drain potatoes back in pot (if you have used a strainer), and add melted butter
Beat with hand mixer until creamy and smooth (mashed potato consistency)
Add milk and beat until the consistency you like is reached.
Serve and have individuals top with the toppings of their choice.

And yes, I am having this soup right now as we speak, and after I eat I plan to work on the baby surprise jacket.


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