Christmas gifts for knitters

December 5, 2011

Unlike the beautiful yarnharlot, I cannot come up with 25 days of knitting gifts for knitters (yet). But here are my suggestions and I hope that they help all non knitters figure out something to gift their beautiful or handsome knitter in the family.

Needles. Yes we probably have many around the house, and the only reason you know this is because you either see them floating around the house or have gotten stuck by one. However, here are the brands that I like because they are durable (at least to me, I have been known to bend needles which is why I go for metal and not wood but this is just me.) The companies are below

Hiya hiya (metal, I believe they make circular but I have only used their dpns (double pointed needles)
ChiaoGoo red lace (metal and circular to boot)
addi turbo (metal,they make straight and and circular needles)

Other things a knitter needs (if they do not already have one) is/are:
Swift. It is basically a yarn holder so your knitter can wind yarn into balls. If you are crafty yes, you can make one for your knitter.
Ball winder (if you are crafty you can make one)
Knitting bag
Needle gauge (Yes, we may even have many of these as well, but you can never have too many in my opinion.)
Lotion (for those long winter knits where your knitters hands get dry)
Soap – I like soaps with either shea butter, olive oil or coconut oil in them. Soaps can have a variety of oils but as long as they contain at least one of these oils, you knitter should thank you. For these oils do wonders for the hands. Mind you, please get homemade natural soap, yes they are more expensive but your knitter is worth it and also find out if your knitter has a scent or other allergy you should be aware of, before purchasing the soap.

That is all I can think of for now. If I do think of anything else I will make another post. For now I am going to watch my kid, go to my appointment later this afternoon and go take a nap. I think I am coming down with something, which sucks. But, please stay warm and healthy my dear knitters and non knitters a like.


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