Bombarded by hats

December 19, 2011

I thought that I only had three to four hats in total to knit. Oh no! I was totally wrong, for my lovely husband asked me to knit four more hats. Making my grand total eight. All of this a WEEK before Christmas. So it is with sadness in my heart that I tell you that I will not be knitting on sweaters or scarves or anything else christmas related (until I get the hats done that is). Because for now, I am bombarded by hats.

I seriously feel like I have hats coming out my ears, and what is worse is that one hat I am designing (because I couldn’t find ANY hat pattern I liked for a four year old). If my readers are lucky I might write “pity” instructions on how to knit this hat. But that will not be for sometime. Right now all you need to know (right now) is, I am bombarded by hats. And unfortunately that is probably ALL I will talk about until they are done. i hope you are safe and warm my dear knitters (and not bombarded by hats).


One comment

  1. I hope these knit quickly for you! I’m sure you’ll be dreaming about knitting them in your sleep, too. That’s a LOT of hats.

    Best holiday wishes!

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