The sock is on hold for..

January 23, 2012

I put the rib sock on hold, so I can make a baby sweater. Stay with me. The reason I did this was this. I have 3, count them 3 babies to knit for. Babies are everywhere! And I might have caught the baby knitting bug! Go to Ravelry and see if you cannot resist the baby items (it proved to be an extreme task for me, and that might be because I am a mother).

So last night I was looking through my EZ books and came across the yoke sweater and I thought “I wonder if I can make this baby sized.” So, I casted on and have 10 rows of knitting done. 10! That is equivalent to 2 inches of k2, p2 ribbing for that sweater; which I think is adequate enough. Now I am starting on the body. Pics will come after I am done. For right now though I have to go, Sir Washie went off and I have to put the clothes in Mr. Dryer.


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  1. Thanks for your explanation. I enjoy make out the print Martha

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