I am going to knit on this for awhile

March 2, 2012

Ok, since the 23 of Febuary it has been complete and utter chaos. Went to the neurologist, who diagnosed me with anxiety and gave me a medication for it (I have taken them religiously of course), but we also scheduled an EEG just to be on the safe side. Well today, I went and had my EEG done. Let me tell you running on 4 or less hours of sleep is NOT what I call fun. Anyway, I think it went well until the strobe lights. After the strobe lights, I got dizzy and disconnected. The good news is that my hubby was able to stay home after my appointment. I took a nap, and feel much better (but still tired and out of it, I think this is from lack of sleep).

Enough of my fun medical adventures for one day, I have decided to knit on some booties. And not just any booties! I am going to knit the yarnharlot’s cutest booties ever, because like I told you posts ago I have 3 babies to knit for. For those of you, who have not looked upon the cuteness of the booties; I present you with a picture. Please keep in mind, this picture is not mine but I will post one when I am done. i just hope that these booties are not like pistachios (But I have a weird feeling that they will be, and if they are it just means that I can start a baby bootie box to have on hand 🙂 ).

This picture is without the pom pom’s

and here is one with the pom pom’s


I am having trouble deciding with one I will do. Pom Pom or no pom pom.. Hmmm, I guess I will make that decision after I make the booties. Hope everything is well 🙂


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