learning to knit toe up socks

June 8, 2012

Yesterday I was reading the very first posts of the yarn harlot’s blog to my friend Blaire. I got to the part where she (the yarnharlot) says that she is learning to knit toe up socks. Next thing I know I literally exclaim “If the yarnharlot can knit toe up socks, then so can I”. ┬áMy friend lightheartedly laughed and agreed with me by saying “Well if lots of people can knit them, why can’t you? I see no reason why you can’t. Go for it!!!”

Thus, the yarnharlot has inspired me to learn to knit toe up socks. So off I went searching youtube on how to start toe up socks. And each one I watched just confused me. it looked so fidly, and very hard to keep the stitches tight. Then I found the following video (below), and I hope it helps you. I know it helped clear up my confusion, and I am very excited to start! Next time I knit socks, they will be toe up!!


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