I apologize for my lateness

June 29, 2012

I appologize for my lateness in getting a post out to all of you. I really meant to get a post out sooner! But these past couple weeks have been complete and utter chaos! I feel like I have been in a café, in the essence that the smell of coffee is soothing and the caffeine gives me just enough energy to get through the day. Yet the atmosphere of the building, house ect is sticky and tattooed with the unfinished business that I need to complete that day. And by the time I get to the rest of the business that I need to do, I am either tired or too exhausted to care; or the day has already ended. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

To be honest because of this atmosphere, I have had very little time to knit. In fact, I am still working on the project I posted about last time (top down socks) oh and I started test knitting a shawl but had to withdraw because of health issues.. I asked the designer if I could still knit on it  and she has given me permission to keep knitting on the shawl (pictures to come soon!).   I hope to spend a little time (if not more) this weekend; on the casterfield, doing the favorite hobby that I love: Knitting!

And now to update you on Ayla’s condition. She had her week long of testing for Epilepsy done and has discovered that she in fact does not have Epilepsy or seizures. In fact the Epitologist has no idea why the Neurologist she was seeing put her on an anti-convulsent. However, they still have no idea why she is feeling the sensations in her head, and they have no idea what it could be. The doctor has increased her medication for anxiety in the hopes that it will help with the sensations. The doctor has also diagnosed her with migraines. And right now, Ayla has told me that until she gets used to the increase of her medication; that I still have “control” over the blog. So you will be stuck with me a little bit longer.

For now I am off to enjoy the rest of the day (well, enjoy what I can anyway 🙂 ). And my thoughts and prayers go out to Ayla. May she return to her lovely blog soon!!!


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